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We provide services to meet our clients' needs related to blockchain, including the introduction of IOST BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service), the development of blockchain applications using smart contracts, and the planning and development of unique ecosystems for public and private chains. We are ready to meet your needs for blockchain.
Pracs Phase 1 overview

Pracs Healthcare Project Phase 1

The application of blockchain technology to the medical field, including PHRs, is attracting a great deal of interest worldwide, and implementation has already begun. Interest is also growing in Japan.
The purpose of this project is to manage personal health data as a health handbook and share it with medical professionals as the initial phase of PHR implementation.
In this paper, as the first phase of the project, we report on the outline, results, and discussion of a prototype and technical verification of a mechanism for passing personal health data to medical professionals in a confidential manner.
Report of Phase1

Blockchain Application Develpment Support on IOST installation support

We can help you build and run services utilizing blockchain technology in the cloud. We can help you build and run public systems using the main chain, as well as consortiums or private chains.
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Dapp game "Crypto Ninja"

CryptoNinja is a game in which you are the only ninja who can break into another user's trapped castle and steal a treasure called EverGold (EG).
Besides invading the castle with a ninja, you can also get EG by fighting off other users' ninjas who set a trap and invaded the castle.
Ninjas and castles are data using blockchain technology and cannot be illegally erased or taken away by someone else.
Crypto Ninja HP

Power trading demonstration using blockchain

In collaboration with elDesign and the IOST Foundation, we developed and operated a demonstration of power P2P trading.
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PoC of Electric P2P
Blockchain Seminar

IOST/IOS Foundation "Free Blockchain Education Program

As an official partner, we provide blockchain workshops and hands-on training at universities and vocational schools at home and abroad.

Experience : Nagoya Institute of Technology, Akita International University, Nagoya College of Engineering, Yamaguchi University, Osaka Sangyo University, Leroch University, Kinki University, etc.
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